How To Steepen Your Backswing?

The backswing is the process of moving your arms and torso from the ground to the backswing position. The backswing starts with your arms extended and your torso bent at the waist. Your hips and shoulder are then turned, and you begin to pull your arms and torso back to the ground. You should continue to pull your arms and torso back until your body is in line with your backswing position.

How Do You Flatten A Backswing?

When you are ready to hit the ball with your backswing, your body should be square to the ground and your arms should be extended straight. You should be weight-bearing down on your ball, and your hands should be slightly apart. The front of your ball should be level with your target.

You will need to do a backswing in order to flatten the ball. The motion of your backswing will cause your hips and shoulders to move in opposite directions, which will flatten the ball. To flatten your ball, you will need to keep your hips and shoulders moving in the same direction.

When you flatten your backswing, keep your hands shoulder-width apart and your ball weight-bearing down on your back. Your hips and shoulders should move in the same direction, and your arms should be extended straight.