Can Annular Combustion Chamber?

There is no one answer to this question as the answer may depend on the specific engine you are asking about. However, in general, an annular combustion chamber is a chamber made up of two or more circles that are … Read More

Where Do We Find Lysozyme?

Lysozyme is a natural enzyme that helps to break down and digest protein. It is found in the digestive system and some other tissues. Lysozyme can also be produced by a person’s own immune system.

Do Sternal Wires Dissolve?

In the event that you have an Electrical storm, do not panic! Sternal wires will not dissolve. However, they may become tented or twisted. If you notice any changes, please call a professional. Do Sternal Wires Need To Be Removed? … Read More

What Is Propionic Acidemia?

Propionic acidemia is a serious condition where the level of propionic acid in the blood is high. Propionic acid is a natural product of the human body and is responsible for many important activities such as boosting the immune system … Read More

Will Submerged Wood Rot?

The submerged wood rot that can occur when wood is below the water’s surface is caused by a fungus that lives in the water droplets that are left on the surface of the wood. When the fungus grows, it produces … Read More

Why Am I Becoming Short Sighted?

There are a few reasons why one might become short sighted. Some people may become short sighted due to a Lens Error, a condition in which a person’s vision is not corrected to full range of vision. Other reasons could … Read More

In Medicine What Is Nephrology?

Nephrology is the branch of medicine that deals with the function and structure of the blood vessels in the body. It is a key field of medicine that is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, including leukemia, … Read More

When One Urinates Blood?

When one urinates blood, the process of breaking down and digesting blood thickens the blood plasma. This thickening also increases the chance of getting sick from blood poisoning. Is Blood In The Urine Serious? Blood in the urine is not … Read More