Do Tantalum Capacitors Go Bad?

Tantalum capacitor failure is a common occurrence. Tantalum capacitors are made of tantalum, a rare and expensive metal. When the metal is cold, it is very thin and flexible. When it is heated, the metal thickens and becomes more brittle. … Read More

Whats Metal Work Mean?

Metal work is the process of manufacturing or repairing metal objects. It includes everything from shaping metal objects to welding metal objects together. Metal work is often divided into two main categories: primary metal work and secondary metal work. Primary … Read More

Are Electrochemical Gradients Formed?

An electrochemical gradient is the flow of electrons between two materials. Inorganic materials like metal salts and oxides are rich in electrons, while organic materials, like lipids and proteins, are poor in electrons. The difference in electron flow can create … Read More

Is Ethernet Transformer Isolated?

Ethernet transformer is often isolated from the electrical system. This is done in order to protect the transformer from damage or stray AC currents. What Is Ethernet Isolation? Ethernet isolation is a term used to describe the process of separating … Read More

Will Zinc Coated Rotors Rust?

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether or not zinc coated rotors will rust. However, general consensus is that the rusting process will generally take place over time, with the rotors slowly corroding in the presence of … Read More